As this year's SOL comes to a close (we made it!), I'd like to reflect on all the moments in which I am grateful. I am grateful for the many individuals who took the time to read my posts and comment. I am grateful for the working technology to make this challenge a successful one. …

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Kid Toy Overload

Three days into Spring Break and I've decided to clean and organize my kids' toys. Am I crazy? Probably. I had absolutely no idea how many things were "hidden" in drawers, under the beds, in corners behind curtains, or infused with every crevice humanly imaginable. Mad props to my kiddos on their cleaning creativity. So, …

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Farewell “Bunnies”

Composed of brown and grey fluff Scrunching their noses up and down as new scents are detected Alert ears dart in various directions Frantically skittering about as two leggers near Huddling together in one spot of seclusion Immediate detection is temporarily avoidable Long grey snake swallows all in one fatal pass.