Risk-Taking Geek-Sesh

Tonight was our annual Science Fair, one of my most absolute favorite events throughout the school year.  The only difference is, this year I took a risk with my students.

Instead of the traditional Science Fair Project, I jumped on the NASA/ Glogster bandwagon and decided to have my students reinvent an item or object in their everyday lives to present through the Engineering Design Process.  I cannot say with enough enthusiasm that they did so extremely well!  I am tremendously proud of what my students accomplished and their eagerness to embrace something new.

In light of this risk taking venture, it made me question why I’m so hesitant to take risks in my personal life?  I teach my students that learning occurs even from our mistakes, and even from failure.  So why is it then, that I’m so afraid to practice what I teach?  I understand the saying, If you want big rewards, you gotta take big risks, and with my current level of awareness, I’m going to push myself to try things outside of my comfort zone.

First step for me? Trying the Slice of Life.  🙂

image slice of life

3 thoughts on “Risk-Taking Geek-Sesh

  1. karenszymusiak

    Taking a risk is hard. But I am looking forward to hearing more about the risks you take. SOL is a great community of readers and writers. You will love it!

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  2. mrsday75

    I think the hardest thing in the world for a teacher is to try something new that they think they might fail at. You are a brave woman.

    And just an FYI. I’m your welcome wagon lady and I’m really glad you are here. You’ll find this such a supportive community. If you ever have any questions, frustrations, etc, please let me know.

    Can’t wait to see what you have to share tomorrow!

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