Surprise Saturday

Soccer Saturday and Swim Sunday tend to be the scheduling theme in life these days for the proverbially active five year old boy. This Saturday was somewhat different, as we had a special Grammy, Pa, and Cousin E make an unannounced cameo.

As a parent, I can’t help but beam ear to ear as a reflection of my son’s same facial expression. It’s almost like a #parentwin to see your kid so happy.

Looking back, I recall that it took him a moment, between ball traps and pull back kicks, to realize the trio in attendance just for him. And once his little blues fixated on the visitors, the world around him seemed to stop. He darted in a full sprint to where we were sitting and embraced all three with the largest arm span he could muster.

Thinking and experiencing this moment puts yet another thing into perspective; family values are the root of our foundation. How do I convey to my son that family is first and foremost?

With my busy work schedule, I tend to slide weekend trips to Grammy and Pa’s to another day, slated maybe somewhere during Spring Break, Winter Break, or a three day weekend, so I have a chance to sleep in and meander to their residence without feeling like Atlas carrying a “to do” list weighted like Earth. And let’s be up front, my parents live only 25 minutes away.

Seeing my parents today not only made my son’s smile peak, but was a pleasant reminder to me that little visits go a long way. Oftentimes we are unfortunately reminded that life is too short as well. I hope with more family encounters throughout life, my son’s family values will have a stronger foothold than mine. Having an awareness is the first step to making a change. So, not only was it Surprise Saturday for my son, but a Spark for Reflection Saturday for me.


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3 thoughts on “Surprise Saturday

  1. mrsday75

    Well, as a grandma myself, the more time you spend with family the better. But I remember when our boys were young and I was working. It was hard to pack everything up, drive three hours both ways, and still keep up with things that needed to be done around the house, plus schoolwork. I’m not sure it’s a balance I ever achieved. Just keep doing your best. Making time for family when needed. The boy will get it šŸ™‚

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