Tucked In

Do you have something that just sends you over the moon with pure bliss?

I do!

I just love, absolutely love being tucked in under the covers. And I’m not talking about crawling under the covers and someone pulling them up to my neck before drifting off into a slumber. I’m talking about clearing all the blankets and layering each one over myself like that gym parachute kids can run under as it slowly falls to the ground, except in this case, over my horizontal body.

I also love pillows. I love building my eight pillows up like fort walls and creating this cove of comfort. Backed with total darkness and I’m set for a solid night’s sleep. The funny thing is that when I wake in the morning, the covers and pillows are scattered around the bed all over the floor! I guess setting the stage only matters until I doze off for the night.

I do wonder why I’m so drawn to this type of tucked in, pillow fort experience. Could it be something my parents incorporated within my nighttime routines as a child?

While I may never know the origins of this love, I won’t complain! Here’s hoping everyone has a pleasant Monday night slumber!

3 thoughts on “Tucked In

  1. karenszymusiak

    I loved reading about your bedtime ritual. You described it perfectly. It made me think of my own bedtime rituals. Like youm I am not sure why I do what I do. Wondering….

    Liked by 1 person

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