Let’s Take a Nap

It’s the middle of the day and you’ve hit a brick wall. You’re beyond the extra coffee order and have to explore other options. As a result, the only solution to remedy this conundrum you’ve landed in is to take a nap. How on Earth is this going to happen though? You have four plus hours to go before your work day ends.

Never fear. Your solution is here!

Now introducing the nap-itat at the workplace! Just by pressing the magical red button, available for purchase at any department store, your workspace magically transforms in the coziest, comfiest bed of your dreams. Complete with an anti-intruder system and return-to-work alarm, you can’t go wrong with this investment!

Oh I wish this were real, and really acceptable! Thanks goodness for the bean bags in my reading corner. They will do, for now.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Nap

  1. karenszymusiak

    I love naps so this post was a great one for me to read. Fortunately, I am retired so I have the advantage of taking naps whenever I like. What I would have given for a nap in the middle of the day when I was working. Thanks for the post.

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  2. Love the natural flow into fantasy and then back for a twist reality ending. So effective! I just listened to an interview with Arianna Huffington in which she told of the two naps rooms at the media office, and the imminent arrival of the third. Apparently, unpopular at first, they have become indispensable. Think schools will ever go that route?!

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