If Trees Could Talk

If a tree could talk, what story would it tell? If a forest had ears, what would it hear?

My visit to the Arboretum was not a dull one. Even though the mulched paths were devoid of other humans, encounters were not lost.

Wind rustled through the trees. A few flower patches began their spring descent, poking ever so carefully through the recently softened soil. Bird varieties socialized on bare branches with belly pops of color illuminated by a setting sun. Squirrels frolicking among leaves from Fall, in search of a morsel. If trees could talk, would they tell stories of such things?

I often enjoy spending time within nature. It helps me center my mind and refocus my thoughts. With everything that happens in any single day, I find extreme value in taking a moment to settle within the surroundings and reflect. Today was a much needed day among the trees.

What stories do you think trees would share? How does nature “center” you?

5 thoughts on “If Trees Could Talk

  1. mrsday75

    This felt like such a peaceful piece–like the arboretum was, I’m sure. I love spending time in places like this because it just seems to center me. Bring back a balance. And because I’m dreaming of spring, I’ll use this to get through another little bit of snow today.

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  2. karenszymusiak

    I found a real connection in this post. I find peace and a calmness in nature. Your writing took me there to walk alongside you for a brief moment in time. Thanks for sharing your writing.


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