Gross but Satisfying

It’s 3am and your nose is stuffed to the point of pure misery. You try to inhale hoping for the tiniest open passage, but to no avail. Every time you swallow your throat pops due to the pressure and severe congestion. No drug, sleeping position, humidifier, gallon of consumed water, shower, or vapor rub yields any relief.

What do you do?

The only thing left is the grossest but most satisfying experience; the netipot.

Fill that miniature teapot with a salt mix and warm water. Mix. Tilt your head ever so slightly to the left. Insert netipot spout into right nostril and pour.

Your gunked up nose may take a moment to permit the solution a path of least resistance, but once it breaks through, brace yourself for the flood of boogery goo to release its foothold from within your sinus cavity. Then after 60 second of flushing, prepare to breathe once again!

Now try the NoseFrida experience on your infant. Yuck!

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