Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

I love video games.

I learned to love video games due to my father.

I recall as a child playing the original Zelda for countless hours. We would grab our nifty turbo controller, stick a push pin in the auto attack button, leave Link in the swamp, and let him stab away at the flying bad guys. We left him like this for a solid 24 hours, and upon our return, he was a leveled up Link.

I remember the Game Shark we used to try. I know it was a way to cheat, but it was still fun to see what new gear, secrets, or hidden skills we could unleash.

I remember the many Final Fantasy games we’d play and the discussions based around our different mages, attackers, dragoon warrior, paladin status, and more. How we’d hunt for treasures, level up with the fiercest bad guys, and claiming 100% complete in the game progress.

I remember our original Duck Hunt adventures, Olympic game pad races, and strategy book investments.

I remember the wonderful moments we bonded over through the video game realm.

So, when I visited my parents today, it was no surprise that I find this framed photo in their spare bedroom. As I carefully scrolled over the image, I was once again reminded of where my love for video games derived. I will always remember this, and I will always love video games.

6 thoughts on “Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

  1. So interesting to view video games from your eyes. I’m a “know nothing” as there weren’t any in my childhood. However, I’ll ask the kids and they will have several to share! Nice that a picture can match your memories!

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  2. karenszymusiak

    I love the way your memories are tied to video games and your father. You made me think about some of my own memories of things I did with my mom and dad. Thanks for writing this post.

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