Cold Toe

Who doesn’t need a 3am bathroom break?

Most of the time you find your way, conduct your business accordingly, and drag you feet back to bed.

That was the intended plan this morning.

However, my uncovered toe happened to be on the slightly cooler side, and while navigating through the darkness, said toe made contact with bed frame.

To break it down even further:

Cold toe + stubbing action = immense pain x ouch!

Now here I am at 3am, bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

Let’s see what I can accomplish before work!

Four days until Spring Break.

8 thoughts on “Cold Toe

  1. vicki s

    Ouch! Stubbed toes are the worst! That’s a kind of pain that shoots through the whole body. Hope your day is off to a way better start than your early morning was!

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  2. The middle of the night bathroom runs get more frequent as I get older, I swear!

    I know that toe-meeting-the-bed-post/frame feeling. It is not a pleasant one.

    Great experience for a slice, despite the time!

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  3. karenszymusiak

    Ugh! I try so hard to not wake up on my middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom. I don’t turn any lights on. I find my way because I’ve practiced! I keep one eye closed (I’ve heard that helps). You described so clearly the alertness that comes with that stubbed toe. Hope it feels better and I hope your next nightly trip is uneventful.

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