Shoes Galore

I’m pretty sure I have a shoe addiction.

I suddenly realized this as I walked into my home earlier today and noticed the pile. The endless pile of shoes that has accumulated throughout the week of being worn. It also became more of a realization as when I attempted to pick up the pairs and put them away, there was no more room to store them!

If you can imagine two over the door organizers and two large wicker baskets full of shoes. High heels, wedges, Converse, flip flops, sandals, two pairs of shoes that are exactly the same except a different color, slip-ons, rain boots, snow boots, and two pairs of slippers, to name a few.

Oh, what’s a woman to do with so many shoes?

3 thoughts on “Shoes Galore

  1. Answer: Wear the shoes!
    Back in the 80s, when I was a young, fashionable teacher, I had around 75 pairs of shoes. In retrospect, I wish I had traveled instead of purchasing shoes. Still, I love shoes and completely understand the impulse to own many pairs. Remember: Those boots are made for walking!

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