Facebook Trolling

It’s midnight. You can’t sleep. What do you do? You troll Facebook, of course!

Usually you scroll your live feed.  Who did what today? 

You might indulge yourself and tap on a friend’s profile picture. Then, before you know it, an hour has passed.  You literally just spent an hour browsing someone else’s life on Facebook.  The best part?  You won’t remember a single detail of that excursion!  It’s all mindless tapping, clicking, scrolling, or through whatever means you navigate the social media black hole.

However, have you ever trolled yourself? Consider what would happen if you did.

Well, I did just that tonight.  I didn’t mean to actually, it just happened. I think I was looking for a particular picture to post to a recommendation from a social group I’m part of, and managed to “get lost” in my own photos.  After forgetting the purpose, I started to remember some really amazing moments.

I remembered some of the crazy crafting I used to do, just for fun, back when I had time.  (See Slimer image below.)

I remembered some of the intricate details leading up to my son’s pregnancy.  The happenings behind his nursery, “nesting”, early delivery, and the pure joy after his birth.

I remembered a good time was had during a Lady Gaga concert with my dearest friend.

I remembered spray painting an American flag in my Aunt and Uncle’s front yard for the 4th of July weekend, for the second year in a row.

I remembered polling my friend group for feedback on a stuffed animal being a zebra or a hyena.  It was a rather humorous conversation actually! (See Zebra-ena image below.)

I remembered the way some colleagues celebrated my half birthday, since I have a summer birthday and ya know, it NEVER gets celebrated at school with the rest of ’em.

I remembered the many inspirational quotes that helped me through my moments of weakness.

I guess my “remembered” statements could go on forever, but that’s what I like about social media in a way.  While it does leave a digital footprint of our lives, it is a way to keep a scrapbook of all the wonderment and growth.  There are many beautiful things that I’ve experienced in life, and sometimes it’s easy to become inundated by the negative.  I am grateful some of my happy moments are kept in an organized manner somewhere, easily accessible, and have grown to be opportunities for continued happiness.

Happy trolling!


11 thoughts on “Facebook Trolling

  1. I have to admit that I totally troll in the middle of the night, too. It’s kind of like my way to calm myself down or pass the time when I can’t sleep. I have never thought to troll myself! I might just do that over the long weekend here. I agree about having a digital scrapbook of important moments – it has become my way of documenting my life!

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  2. I tend to troll in the early morning as I’m drinking coffee. And, yes, I’ve gotten lost in my own feed looking for something and then get lost in the memories. It’s one of the reasons I love the “On this day” memories that show. They are so fun to look back on

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  3. “it is a way to keep a scrapbook of all the wonderment and growth.” RIGHT ON! I haven’t read a positive post or reference to Facebook like this in a long time. I’m an avid non-user. I log in maybe a couple times a month? I’m terrible. But you nailed the lost hours trolling and I love the idea of trolling oneself. This is such a great post!

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