Last Day

I made it!

While some day of #sol18 weren’t easy, I did it!

I have a new understanding of writer’s block. I have a new understanding of what I expect my students to go through when I prompt and encourage them to write.

This was such a valuable experience for me as an educator, as a mother, and even for my soul. I’m grateful to my friend who shared this challenge with me. I’m also grateful to other bloggers for their comments, words of encouragement, and for fueling my drive to continue posting.

I can’t wait for this challenge next year, and have already passed this on to others who I feel may find value in daily writing for themselves.

4 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. Liz Majino

    I love the reminder that as writers, we now feel what our students feel when faced with writer’s block. This is such a valuable exercise! Congratulations on meeting the challenge for the first time!

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