Random Acts of Kindness

I meant to post this yesterday, but with my days blurring to mornings and so forth, I forgot. Nevertheless, here it is!

I’m inspired by individuals who go out of their way, against the grain, to show a random act of kindness. I usually see this when someone holds the door for me, helps me pick up something I’ve dropped, or even sends me a special note to brighten my day.

There are random acts though, that I inspire me in a different way because I’ve seen them committed without any acknowledgement of who they are. For instance, I’ve been in the Starbucks drive-thru and had my order paid for by the individual in front of me. I didn’t know who they were and vice versa! What I noticed today was someone picking up litter on their way into grocery shop and throwing it away. I also noticed a different person taking two randomly dumped shopping carts outside of the cart corral and return them inside. No one will say thank you for doing such things. They didn’t do it because they knew someone was watching. They just did it as a way to help!

These random acts of kindness often inspire me to find my own acts that make small differences. They also inspire me to teach my students about the power of being kind. I hope my impact on them has a similar impact that others have had on me.

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