A Go at Baking

Hi Dad,

I tried baking today.  We all know that isn’t my area of expertise, but I decided to give it a go at any rate. The three things I baked –

1.macarons; 2. sugar cookies; & 3. banana bread

Let me tell you what went wrong with all of them.

1. macarons – I added too much salt. I didn’t have the right kind of cream so I used 1/2 and 1/2 instead. Almond flour suddenly became regular flour. I also didn’t have food coloring, who needs that anyway? As a result, they tasted WAY too sugary (I think I doubled this amount on accident), were rather dry, salty, and literally just made you sick to your stomach at first bite. Can’t say I didn’t try!

2. sugar cookies – These were okay, until I realized after letting them cool that they didn’t cook all of the way through.  Let’s hope a salmonella outbreak doesn’t occur.  I may find myself still eating these.

3. banana bread – Over cooked and therefore way burnt. I kept poking it with a toothpick, AKA fork, to make sure it was cooking through, but more time was apparently needed at every poke. At least the 7 year old eats it, after peeling off the “crust”.

Alas, I supposed more practice is in order. It was at least a fun experience. I did happen to make a wicked peach tart a month or so ago that seems to have been a real hit. I think you were there to sample that. 🙂 I hope Heaven is sweets-galore for you. I suppose my sweet tooth did come from you.

143. -CJ



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