Bag Fetish Connection

Hey Dad,

I went to visit Mummy tonight at work.  She had some things that once belonged to you that she wanted me to have. (I know, my garage is packed with enough stuff already, but I couldn’t say no to something that was yours.) At any rate, I learned something new about you. You had somewhat of a bag fetish, and you know what, I do too.

I found it bizarre that we both had similar “obsessions” in that department.  When Mummy made the realization she seemed to find comfort in it as well.  I suppose it’s because I am very much like you and it’s nice knowing you’re never too far, in any sense.

Needless to say, I now have your super sonic toothbrush bags (yes, you had two of them), a rolling bag, a shower bag, a briefcase bag, a backpack, a few duffels, and even a dirty laundry bag to add to my collection of a similar, more feminine, assortment.  Side note, a commercial came on tonight advertising the toothbrushes you used, which I didn’t connect with until I saw the branding on the bags.  I’d actually never seen one before now, and since I use a Fire Stick, my commercials aren’t of the typical kinds. Funny how that works.

I’ll catch up with you soon.  I always have something share, say, or talk about. Thanks for always listening. I miss you.

143. -CJ

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