Halted Hugs 😒

Hey Dad,

The world is still a scary and beautiful place. The yin and yang of life is so abundantly clear these days.

Sadness crept into view for me through the lens of CamBear. He saw Grammie for the first time in a while and ran full sprint to give her a hug. Knowing potential exposure risks, I yelled out for him to stop. It kind of shocked him. I get it. This is a confusing and scary time for him as well. Nonetheless, I felt his spirits shrink a bit in that moment.

I wish you were here. I miss your strength and wisdom. I miss how you knew things would just be okay with patience and faith. I miss how those thoughts and energies would transfer to me. But, all of that is me being selfish. Wishing for your continued life is for my own personal motives.

A girl just wants her dad.

I know though, that with the virus lurking around, I’m blessed you slipped into your eternal slumber when you did. I don’t even want to imagine anymore suffering for you.

Sweetest dreams, Dad.

143. -CJ

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