Shop’s Open

Hey Dad,

I had to bust out my Makita drill today.  Accompanying it was a special kind of level.  It’s funny how everything that was once yours that is now in my possession has your name or initials on it.  That makes it very special to me. And perhaps I’ll hoard all of those items for life, but at least it provided me comfort along the way.

I am grateful for how you taught me the trade of using tools.  I’m not a pro, by any means, but I have a basic understanding of how it all works.  I appreciate how you let me tag along on all sorts of projects, from renting scaffold to paint the 20 foot vaulted ceilings, changing the roof on our Geneva home,  installing floating floors for my basement room, to changing duct work for drop down ceiling tiles and more.  I naturally ask a lot of questions, and for sure you were patient in answering them. Every time I visited, I couldn’t wait to see what changes you made.  I was also so fascinated by your natural ability to build, troubleshoot, and just navigate the world.  You were a gifted human and I’m blessed to have inherited some of your skills.

Side note – I’m still laughing at the bird house you constructed for Mummy.  It was beautiful, and something EVERYONE wanted!  I felt like for a good solid year, everyone we knew was asking for one of those things. Kind of like the corn hole boards you customized for me, down to exact regulation size, bean bag weight, and UK ordered polar bear stencils. With our current “stay at home” order, I’m working on using “outside” time to play with Camden. He asks about you, and intently listens to stories I share about you.  He also enjoys using the Makita.  🙂

143. -CJ

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