Strong vs. Weak Dam

Hey Dad,

My dam has a few cracks in it today. I haven’t been focusing my energy in a balanced capacity, and I’m feeling it.

A few things trickled down to ground level on Monday.  I’ve been working on them obsessively for a few hours now. I have to ensure I am maintaining my professional duties and responsibilities while promoting Camden through his learning, too.  This whole remote educational structure is new and exciting for the ways it makes you think creatively to connect and educate children, but it also poses many challenges.  Perhaps we can cover those later. And before you say anything, I’m aware I should probably “take it easy” or “relax”. Easier said than done sometimes, Sir.

Right now, I just wish you were here.

I know I need to sleep, eat healthily, incorporate exercise on a regular basis, and practice positive thinking to maintain a strong dam. (I can visualize you listing these on your fingers as you kindly remind me of them.) Some of those pillars are difficult when faced with particulars of life, especially stressors. Sometimes I just need the dam to shatter to pieces, letting the flood engulf me.  Well, tonight, my pieces are on the floor.  My dam has gushed every drop of water once contained.  But I know that in a fine moment, they will be swept up and reconstructed in a better way.  The glue will be strong, and the water will rise to the challenge once again.

It’s all a cycle, a process, in this game called “life”.  Oddly enough, it’s also raining.

143. -CJ


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