Game Time

Hey Dad,

Guess what?

Okay fine, I’ll just tell you.

I downloaded a new Final Fantasy game, except it isn’t new. They remade 7, and it is super dope! Remember how I downloaded FF15 over the summer, and the game play was open world with a story line you could choose to follow or not? Yeah, well they remade FF7 in a similar capacity. It’s way cool! Cam is really into these games too. Albeit, he’s more of a Zelda fan. In fact, he’s SO into Zelda that we’ve taken huge chart paper and recreated some scenes. He loves to draw these characters.

Thank you for teaching me how to play FF1 back when I was a young tyke. It’s because of you I love these games and now I get to share that love with my kids. I even remember when you stuck a push pin into the turbo button of a turbo controller while Link was in the swamp. You’d leave him in that swamp for hours just randomly attacking those flying birds. After about a day, we would revisit the game only to discover Link had been leveling up the whole time! Oh how clever you were! You always knew the tricks and secret codes. Remember the Game Shark? That gave you a real advantage to game play.

Let’s keep gaming!

143. -CJ

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