Mummy’s Parade

Hey Dad,

Here’s a feel good.

We celebrated Mummy’s birthday today. Steffi orchestrated the event, and it went off without it a hitch.

Well, due to the governor’s order of staying home through May, we planned a car parade. Lots of people participated. We decorated our cars and drove by honking horns, blaring music, and screaming out the windows. It was awesome! She had happy tears streaming down her face. It made me cry, too. I feel her pain and suffering right now. You are missed! This was her first birthday without you, so of course we had to make it extra special.

You would have had fun with us, and maybe called ya crazy a few times during the process. I know you were there in spirit though. Thanks for sending sunshine and warm weather. Today could have only been more perfect if you were there.

Always thinking of you. I mean, I had to “call” you twice tonight. 😊

143. -CJ

Bring on the Parade

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