Backing In

Hey Dad,

It’s me. Haven’t checked in recently. Thinking about you all the time though. I’m sure you know this. You have a knack for knowing everything, even before it happens.

Funny story though. I moved my car to a different parking spot. Cam came with me. I elected to back my vehicle into the parking spot, as I always do, when Cam asked, “Mommy. Why do you always back the car in?”

“It’s just something I’ve always done. But, do you know who taught me how to drive?”

“Pa did!”

“How did you know?”

“You’ve only told me like a million times already!”

Of course the only thing left to do here is chuckle. I talk about you quite a bit. Don’t worry though. Same rules apply for him as they did for me. I’ll make sure he can drive a manual before purchasing his first car.  I’ll help him accomplish this goal by sticking him on a hill in rush hour traffic, too. 🙂

143. -CJ

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