Hoarder Laptop

Hey Dad,

You know I’ve always had a hard time throwing things away, things that I feel could potentially trigger or posses memories. I’m kind of bad at remembering things, so I do tend to hoard mementos. I can’t help it! My garage and the “many totes” for my “many things” is evidence of this fact. You’ve teased me plenty times over this. Heh.

Well, I opened up my old laptop today. (I typically use it to run workout DVDs, so I can justify why I still have it! Ha-ha!) Today something prompt me to find videos of you where I could hear your voice. Mission accomplished! I found some pretty good ones, mostly where you tell me to stop filming you. I’m glad I wasn’t the best at listening. 😊

I’m glad I have a lot of classics on that old hunk of tech. It made me smile a bit tonight, and help me remember our good memories. Take care, Dad.

143. -CJ

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