Family History & Signs

Hey Dad,

Grandma Nancy and Pops created this amazing ancestry book showing our heritage back to Ireland and Switzerland from the 1300s! It was way neat to explore her side of the family. There are authenticated copies of documents, family photos from decades ago, and even articles with neato stories. What I found to be quite beautiful within its pages was a tribute in your honor. You would have loved the book. It was really nicely done.

I hope you’re doing okay up in Heaven. I’m having a hard time with your absence and cling to the thought that every cardinal, rainbow, shadow spotted from the corner of my eye, and even random anomalies are signs from you. I look for comfort from them, but still feel empty. I’m not connecting with the energy there and don’t know why. Nonetheless, I really miss you.

Tell everyone up there I miss them too. Talk soon.

143. -CJ

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