What Feeds Your Happy?

Hey Dad,

Today was a fairly productive day, which in turn really helped my mental state. I find value and self-worth when I achieve and accomplish action items that better my professional or personal capacities. I also felt during tutoring that I made a positive impact on my student, and I’ve missed that feeling quite a bit, especially since COVID-19 caused school to end in a nontypical manner this year.

I also find comfort and healing through these communications. It’s one way I feel connected. I often envision you waking in the morning, slippers on, cup of coffee on the table next to your laptop when you open these messages to see what crazy ramblings I’ve decided to share. I even see you scratching at your beard while you think about what I’m really thinking about.

I wanted to share something phenomenal today. After some adjustments, Camden had THE MOST AMAZING swimming session today. (Maybe this is another reason why I’m feeling little more upbeat than usual as of late?) He was truly amazing in the pool, his strokes, kicks, technique, it’s all coming along nicely! He’s fast too, Dad.  You would be so impressed. The best part though, was when we got in the car afterward and he said, “I felt really good about my swimming today, Mommy.” I have never heard Cam express this in any sense, this strongly, other than screen related games. I believe we are moving in the right direction with him, and today only makes me more excited for the upcoming days. Today, right now in this moment, I’m mostly happy.

Say hi to everyone for me. I miss them too.

143. -CJ


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