Classic Gaming+

Hey Dad,

Feel like I’ve shared this with you before, but nonetheless, I’m sharing it again because that’s what makes in classic, and very fond, moments.

My love for games definitely comes from you. I remember our original Nintendo and the way you would engrave our last name on the gaming cartridges. It makes me smile to think that somewhere in the world are our games. We had quite a collection going!

I remember the original Zelda and the turbo controller used to kill the swamp birds. Inserting a thumb tack into the turbo stabbing command button and turning off the TV (but not the game), was a sure fire way to level up like crazy.

I remember the original Final Fantasy. Oh gosh do I still love that series to this day! I wish I could have shown you more of FF15. It’s open world, like the newest Zelda, and has a good story line. The characters drive a car that can fly, but happens to be incredibly difficult to land. I think I blew my car up a million times doing a side quest!

I remember the Game Shark and Game Genie. Cheating was always more fun. 😊

Mummy gave me your Zelda walkthroughs. I love the tabs you used to mark important sections. Very clever, and almost very teachery, of you.

I miss you Dad. Hugs to you and all the crew.

Talk soon. 143. -CJ

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