Birthday Success

Hey Dad,

Today was a good day.

It started off as usual with baby’s morning feeding and breakfast prep. It was around this time I realized I missed a pep in my step and was really not interested in my birthday. I was fully prepared to wallow in my depression all day, until around 7:15am or so, when Tim came home from work with brownies, flowers, and a card for me. His surprise literally made my day!

In good fashion, a perfect day for me is just hanging out. This meant I took 2 naps, played hours of my favorite video game series, consumed copious amounts of cake, and enjoyed other unhealthy foods for lunch and dinner. Tim made me breakfast in bed and spoiled me with whatever I wanted/needed throughout the day. It was really nice!

Let’s not forget everyone who called, text, and shared social media posts. I dare say, today was a good day. I’m grateful and blessed for this.  I did miss you calling me with the claim you had forgotten my birthday. That’s always a classic move of yours. That’s okay though. I’m strong enough today to smile at the memory of you instead of cry.

Thanks for celebrating with me for as long as you could.

143. -CJ

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