Legally Blonde

Hey Dad,

Story asked to watch Legally Blonde today, and of course you know where this is going and what comes to mind.

Remember that time in Nashville when we watched the Legally Blonde performance? How could you forget?! You didn’t want to go at first, but once we arrived and settled in, we had an enjoyable time! I do believe you mentioned the experience many times later.

My favorite memory from that night was you finally letting go and just laughing. The neighboring spectators also fueled your laughter because, well, it was just so funny! I recall your hysterics when they were in the salon with the UPS delivery guy. Ha-ha! What a hoot!

I know you call me a “pack rat”, and maybe I am. I do have a hard time letting go of the sentimental stuff, but that’s a way I feel connected to people, especially those no longer with us in the flesh. So with that, you’ll be pleased to know, I still have my Legally Blonde program from our adventure that night.

And while holding on to it may make me a “pack rat”, it holds a most cherished memory I never want to let go.

143. -CJ

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