Recipe for a Perfect Sleep

While I despise making my bed, I actually love climbing into one. Nothing beats the feeling of peeling back the layer of blankets, climbing under, and burying yourself. Pillows serve their purpose not just for desired head support, but to build up around you, as if to create a pillow fort, or what I like to call a “pillow hug”.

However, no sleeping experience is complete until the cool breeze of a fan drifts around the room. Not only does the sound provide comfort, I can’t handle “too quiet”, but it also drops the temp to that just right, deep sleep, spot.

Maybe the above recipe doesn’t work for everyone, but I suggest giving it at least one try.

2 thoughts on “Recipe for a Perfect Sleep

  1. Hi, friend! I am happy we are both doing SOL this year!! But, for reals, there is nothing better than getting into a bed that is fully made and clean sheets! The only thing that makes it better is taking a shower just before climbing into bed!


  2. I think we all have our recipes for success at the daily things we take for granted…and they are simpler than it seems they should be. I appreciate dthe approach here and wonder if it wouldn’t make an interesting and at times comical look at all those things we need and love and take for granted.


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