Catastrophic Spill

I grab my winter coat from inside a small corner closet within my classroom. It’s actually a nice place to store boxes, extra curriculum materials, craft items, personals, along with other odds and ends. My coat fits inside the door, on a hook, just perfectly.

Apparently what also fit perfectly, was a larger than life, COVID cleaning spray bottle that I only managed to remember as my coat bumped it off the shelf and onto the floor one fatal swoop. And it didn’t just hit the floor and roll around either. The entire cap shattered, catapulting plastic bits around the room, while the contents within this bottle spewed forth into a massive puddle.

Before I could upright the bottle, that puddle migrated to inside my corner closet and started a new path upward as it absorbed into boxes housed on the floor. It also extended its reach to rolled up posters, my dinosaur slippers (that’s another story), and a wooden picture frame for first days of school memories.

As best possible, I quickly removed everything and began sopping up the mess. It sure was a doozy, and a real fun way to end my work day. As I reflect on the moment now, all I can do is laugh and remind myself not to place liquid bottles in places they can easily be knocked down.

Thought of the day – No use crying over spilled COVID spray.

7 thoughts on “Catastrophic Spill

  1. mrssurridge

    And those things always happen when you are on your way out! Of course it soaked into the boxes and onto your slippers (That should be a good story!), because what you really wanted to do at the end of your long day was empty your closet, clean up a mess and then put your closet back together. I hope you found something in there that could save you some time on another day. Maybe you could not only get a tidy, Covid-free closet out of it, you might be able to save time later on!

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  2. Oh no! I was feeling my own dread as you continued to explain the extent of the damage. I would have been so angry and heartbroken at things being ruined or semi ruined. And at the end of the day. Ugh. Hope today is spill free.


  3. I feel like it must have been in slow motion! I have been there as well, from coffee to pitchers of water or legos- disaster can strike at any time. Sounds like you handled it and laughed it off this time though. That’s a very valuable long term skill!


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