Fuzzy Slipper Obsession


I have a total obsession for fuzzy slippers.

I currently own 4 pairs. Only four. Two pairs are for when I’m at school. The other two are for when I’m home. I like to have 2 pairs because while washing one, I always have to have a back up. I have no real excuse for why I wear slippers at school, except maybe because my students love them and I’m on my feet all day.

My slippers have criteria. No, I don’t fill out a rubric for each pair before purchase, so the “must have” list isn’t too lengthy. They must be fuzzy, have a back so they don’t slip off, create the feeling like I’m walking on clouds, and include some cute, cuddly creature face. At the moment, I’m wearing my pink fox slippers. They are on their last life though, so I keep my eyes open for the replacement each time I shop. My favorite slippers are currently at school and happen to be pink T-Rex feet. Those are somewhat challenging to walk in, but they sure are comfy! And for some reason while reflecting on my slippers, I just realized that I have more pink in slipper-wear than I do in my own wardrobe. Hah!

On another note that may seem unbelievable, I hate wearing socks and don’t wear any with any type of boot, shoe, heel, or sneaker. (Don’t judge me!)

4 thoughts on “Fuzzy Slipper Obsession

  1. Anita Ferreri

    I am pretty sure your students LOVE your slippers and you are the talk of your school!
    I must admit I rarely wear slippers, in at home! I am more of a barefoot kind of gal….don’t judge me and I won’t judge you !


  2. This is hilarious! I have a footwear obsession of my own, but I have not jumped into the world of fuzzy slippers. Amazing. I wish there were photos. Not of the bare feet though, that would just be weird… (just kidding).


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