Student Illustrates Teacher in Squid Hat

I am a very goofy teacher and I love having fun. I work hard at school and so do my students, but we play hard too. Insert the Work hard. Play hard motto here.

This means I have many costumes and sometimes I just like to bust them out. Last Tuesday, I busted out the squid hat. Everyone, I mean everyone, fellow teachers, custodians, and especially my students, loved it. Their laughter became my laughter, and when I get started with the belly laughs, I just can’t stop.

What pushed me over the top? Check out the below illustration from one of my students. This is one of those keep in your special teacher collectables pile items. I just absolutely love it!

Do you have one of these special items? Please share!

3 thoughts on “Student Illustrates Teacher in Squid Hat

  1. This is so awesome! I think that bringing humor to the classroom is so important. Your students will never forget the squid hat. They will probably bring it up in conversation years from now with friends.


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