Washcloth vs. Loofa

Let’s bring about what I discovered at the salon this past weekend – the controversial issue of washcloths versus loofas.

My hair stylist asked, “This may be weird, but I’d like to ask you something.”

Of course my curiosity was piqued and I responded, “Sure.”

“My sister stayed the weekend. I set up some items in the bathroom for her. One item was a washcloth. She asked me what it was for and I told her to use in the shower. Apparently this is disgusting, for older people, weird in general and then she requested a loofa. What are your thoughts?”

Our conversation continued on the topic and we both concluded that loofas are used for general washing purposes, but washcloths can get down to the nitty, gritty spots. Washcloths are washed after each use, while loofas could be washed, but typically are not and are therefore replaced after a short period of time. Washcloths are also given to guests with a towel set when they visit instead of loofas, which isn’t weird at all!

So these are the bullet points of our conversation regarding washcloths vs. loofas. Are we missing anything? What are your thoughts? I’d love a different perspective so I am better prepared when this topic arises the next time!

8 thoughts on “Washcloth vs. Loofa

  1. First, I am so amused that the first Slice I read today after posting “Hair” has a hair stylist! Secondly, I’ve often thought all the great dialogue in hair salons would make a fun stage play. Such as this debate. Never thought of the preference as a generational thing before. Hotels, of course, offer washcloths. One could make the argument between washing and exfoliating but for me it’s a matter of rinsing and placing whichever in a place to air-dry (in the washcloth’s case, until laundry time), where it won’t turn sour – that is a thing I cannot bear.


    1. I’m with the washcloth. It’s cleaner. That’s why hotels use them. Right now I’m trying to make the switch to a pocket sponge that holds the soap. I can’t find any that I like.


  2. I don’t know what a loofah is 😊 . Years ago we had bath towels for guests. We washed them after use. But in the last ten years, people bring their own towels. We too take ours. Actually, very rarely do people come to stay for the night.


  3. This is a very interesting question. I had never heard of a loofah so I had to Google it. With the definition came pictures of vegetables. I don’t even use a washcloth but I would definitely not share a loofah to wash my body.


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