Acrostic Poems

Today we started our poetry unit with a familiar work, acrostic poems. Since we’re all eagerly embracing spring with the recent warm weather, our poems are themed around rainbows, insect arrivals, blooms, sprouts, rain showers, puddle splashing and more. We had fun getting these started.

Here’s my own acrostic poem, not spring themed. 🙂


Suddenly finding ourselves making drastic classroom changes

COVID continues lurking in dark places

Holding on for hope that it vanishes

Often searching for rays of sunshine

Open your mouth, only when mask covered, if you mind

Leaving the negativity of things behind

Dwelling upon them is not soulfully kind

Always look out for yourself and for others

Zealous ambitions towards future occurrences

Everyone can persevere through these list of disturbances!

3 thoughts on “Acrostic Poems

  1. Denise Krebs

    I like the way you worded this about avoiding negative things:
    “Dwelling upon them is not soulfully kind”

    Yes, our souls need some TLC these days, and mindfully avoiding some things is good for us! Peace to you and your students.


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