Earbud Thief

I’m cleaning up my work space and prepping everything for work the following morning. I find a pair of earbuds. I assume they are mine, so I grab my “techy” bag where my wireless mouse, flashdrive, a few cables, etc. are stored and realize there is already a pair of earbuds in there.


Okay, so I admit. I typically carry 2 pairs, which means this pair is the one that belongs in my purse. You know, because I don’t always carry the “techy” bag so I need a back up, just in case.

I open the pocket in my purse where my earbuds typically are stored. That’s when I realize again, there is already a pair of earbuds there.


Now I begin discretely walking around my home, searching for who might be missing these earbuds. That’s when I’m caught by my husband. He asks me why I look so suspicious. (I guess I wasn’t really as discrete as I thought?)

Turns out, the earbuds are his, and they’ve been missing for a lot longer than I’d like to admit. Yikes!

3 thoughts on “Earbud Thief

  1. Stephanie Affinito

    This brought a smile to my face because this happens OFTEN in my home with earbuds….and phone chargers….and chocolate. =)


  2. Denise Krebs

    Oops! It was good of you to keep looking for the owner! I like the way we took a walk with you through the steps of discovery and then as you looked for who they might belong to. Well written.

    What a strange world we live in now. I have never used earbuds as much as I have the past year. My husband is the king of techy bags and all things techy. I’m usually the one who loses my, and he pulls out something from his bag to get me going again.


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