Terrance the Turtle

I have a red eared slider named Terrance.

My post today is to give tribute to this little dude for all the ways he helps me, without even realizing it!

We have Terrance set up in an aquarium. He has a floating rock platform to bask in the “sun”, rocks at the bottom to root his nose in, and plants for stealth that don’t help with his many failed hunting attempts. His prey has now turned into tank mates as the glowing orange colored goldfish are too large for Terrance to consume.

I’ve found myself in a bit of a routine each evening now. I cozy up on the couch, under my blue fuzzy blanket that’s now off limits to the kids. Hey, it’s mine! I have an array of couch pillows for my head, too. The chase on our couch extends toward Terrance’s tank, so I can just watch him and his mates swim around in bliss. Sometimes his cute little body is sun-bathing, and I imagine what it feels like to stretch my head up to the sun, feeling so close, and relax. The water filter even creates a fountain effect and sounds like a babbling brook. All parts created equal for my relaxation.

We talk about the therapy behind dogs and cats, but it’s nice to acknowledge how all creatures have their own way of finding what your soul needs. Thank you, Terrance!

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