Card Snob Extraordinaire

I am a card fanatic. This has caused me to be labeled as a “card snob”, but I don’t mind.

I am very particular about the type of cards I buy and send to people. They have to exude the right amount of energy, good vibes, and just heart. If it feels cheap, I don’t think twice. Too much writing? No way. Clashing colors, a hard no.

Of course it depends on the recipient as well, but that’s how I determine the mood. A kid’s birthday? Something fun, but still classy. A “thank you” card? Not only do the words written inside possess the sentiment behind my appreciation, but the appearance and mood of the print still matter.

Unfortunately, people now think that I can be “too good” for certain cards, which isn’t the case at all! I love any and all cards received. I’m just grateful for the thought and act.

How can I convey my love and taste for a particular card without the reciprocal being taken into consideration? I’m not sure!

One thought on “Card Snob Extraordinaire

  1. Cards are so much fun! I love picking out just the right card for someone, and I’ve really missed going to stores to do that! I feel like a lot of people think cards are kind of old-fashioned or no longer necessary, but I love them!

    It’s funny you’ve gotten the reputation of being a card snob! I guess just gush over any card you receive? 🙂


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