Nephew’s 1st “Lucky” Birthday

Today we celebrated my nephew turning one. My sister themed it around St. Patrick’s Day.

We arrived on the scene to an over-sized bounce house in the front yard. Her kitchen counter was covered with wonderful foods. I actually experienced a phenomenal mac and cheese that I am going to commandeer the recipe for in the near future. There were cute green, shimmery shamrocks and table centerpieces all around. Even Irish music was tuned in on the home stereo. She did a really top notch job tying everything together.

But then it got better.

A gentleman appeared and played the bagpipes. We all crowded around the driveway (6 feet socially distant of course) and listened to him play. It was a really neat experience, and even the kids were fully engrossed! I never thought about having bagpipes make a cameo at a birthday! So creative!

I do have to add that I thought of my father as the bagpipes played some recognizable melodies. He would have enjoyed celebrating with us today. I am glad, though, to have seen and celebrated with everyone today. Last year at this time was much different.

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