Guilty Pleasures

I’m playing this new game on my iPhone called Game of Sultans. It’s fun, engaging, and always changing. I’m enjoying it!

I’d like to consider this my guilty pleasure, and I noticed that these cycle through different things based upon my mood and what’s happening to me.

Let me be clear though, and maybe I’m trying to justify this, but my guilty pleasures are ways for me to “check out” of life for a while. This is the time when I don’t have to think, make serious decisions, or engage in meaningful conversation. This is my time to just exist.

So with that, my guilty pleasures from past to present are the following, and not in any order of importance –

Food – ice cream, cinnamon pretzels, cookie dough

Games – Game of Sultans, Final Fantasy, and Zelda (some float in and off this list, too)

TV – Anything Bravo; Housewives All of the Above, Million Dollar Listing, etc. (I’m basically Bravo obsessed) & Netflix. I’m currently binge watching a show about the Medici Family.

Tech Toys – Iron Man USB flashdrive, Iron Man computer case (my classroom is superhero themed), wireless remote for my presentation slides (I know, I’m extra), a doc cam won during a tech conference that grants me the freedom to use a Google Meet and project my camera at the same time (which means the ELMO is off to the side), etc.

Tote Bags – Every time I go somewhere I just compulsively buy a tote bag. Pretty ones with flowers, fun, inspirational designs, you name it.

And I think that will do for now, but I’m sure there are plenty more!

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Abigail Lund

    I wrote about guilty pleasures last week… otherwise known as comfort food. Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to indulge a little in life.


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