Top 10 Tuesday

I’ve been inspired by some of the slices posted regarding a certain format, so here’s mine. A top 10 list of things I love about myself, in a much needed time for self-love. 🙂

10. I’m totally okay eating a jumbo hot dog and large cheese fry from Portillos on a stressful day.

9. I ask questions…a lot of questions.

8. I don’t mind trying new things, including taking healthy risks.

7. I enjoy just driving with the windows down and the music loudly turned up.

6. I’m not really good at sleeping.

5. Even though I’m a perfectionist, I use this as a drive to accomplish, learn, and grow.

4. My creativity with crafting.

3. How much I geek over technology and everything it encompasses.

2. Music is the window to my soul and a tune can always be found running through my thoughts or from my lips.

1. My unconditional love for my family and friends.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday

  1. Kristi Lonheim

    We were having a conversation about trigger words over dinner. In our family trigger words lead to a song – often from a musical. What kinds of tunes do you tend to find running through your head?


    1. That’s fun, turning trigger words into song. Probably helps with the coping?
      I tend to have show tunes (Music Man, Phantom), rock, R&B, or just some random sleu of words strung together to the Frozen song. Ha-ha! Just depends on my mood, the situation, and what I’m jamming to. I also play Vitamin Stringed Quartet from Pandora in my classroom.


  2. I like this lovely list of ten. I may have to try this later! Thanks for sharing your sentiments with us in a way that helps us remember there are still many things to smile about in a world that can be unforgivingly gloomy. I “see” your sunshine. #smiling

    ~Carla Michelle


  3. haitiruth

    Ooh, great idea! I’m going to try this one. These are wonderful things about yourself! The only one I didn’t understand was not being great at sleeping. Do you like not sleeping? Ruth,


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