Real Reminders Spawned from Gratitude

A few days ago, I felt very vulnerable and I posted some raw feelings on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

I debated for a period of time prior on whether or not I should share. I considered the judgements cycling around about publicly posting my own baggage, some of my personal on-goings that I typically mill over myself.

I settled on the thought that this is a safe community. I’m participating in SOL because I’m connecting with this process, of writing, on demand, with the understanding that others may potentially provide feedback. They “get” what I’m doing, saying, and are supportive. This isn’t a different social media platform where your business may be negatively received and put on blast, right?

So again, “publish”.

And as was confirmed, contrary to their name, Slicers did not cut me down. They did not make me feel inadequate for posting my personal business. Instead, this wonderful community commented with some insightful responses of their own.

Today, I am grateful for all of you. With much gratitude to all the Slicers, for receiving me as I am. A real reminder that my students need me to do the same as their teacher.

2 thoughts on “Real Reminders Spawned from Gratitude

  1. I love that about this community, as well. This is a great line: “And as was confirmed, contrary to their name, Slicers did not cut me down.” The wonderful thing about slices is that they are so powerful to read when you let yourself be vulnerable–you give us as readers a gift, as well, when you do that.


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