Missing Muffin

Muffin is a stuffed teddy bear given to me by my partner two years ago with my Valentine’s gift. What can I say, I love cute and cuddly things!

Anyhoo, Muffin was lost for a period of time! It was one of those things where you look in all the usual and unusual places, tear the rooms apart, and still don’t find what you’re looking for!

Well, we were making the bed today and there he was! It was like Muffin had moved himself to be found. I still don’t know how he landed in his locatable position as it had been searched MANY times. Maybe Toy Story is based partially on reality? Regardless, I’m glad to have been reunited.

4 thoughts on “Missing Muffin

  1. This line made me laugh: “Maybe Toy Story is based partially on reality?” It’s always so amazing when things turn up in places that you know you’ve searched! It’s clear from your piece how special Muffin is to you. Glad that he got himself back home!


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