Fruits & Veggies

Went grocery shopping today. As I was putting the fruit away, this little rhyme of a poem came to mind. Caution – super cheesy!

We have a bowl of fruit,

That my children try to loot.

We keep it filled a plenty,

The kids they eat so many!

Grocery bill is running high,

Fruit they consume we cannot deny.

A healthy snack from morning to night,

It’s nice to see them dine with delight.

Veggies in the fridge are no joke either,

Keeping them stocked is making things tighter.

A mightier task I often struggle to win,

Length of my shopping list makes the head spin.

Alas, I cannot complain too much,

For my children are able to eat a bunch.

We’re grateful for the food we eat,

Our full fruit bowl and veggie drawer are sweet!

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