Still the Same

Two years ago, almost to the day, would be the last time any of us could say.

Your name in any sense, now we lack the competence.

To just muster through the feelings and emotions.

We never faulted in our devotions.

Understanding the cycle is preciously what we’re taught.

Living through it, though, is what we’re wrought.

Understanding the beyond, makes us shed tears and crumble inside.

Trying to shove it deep down, denied, please make it hide.

“Let it out.” “Set the feelings free.” “Don’t let them dwell inside of me.”

But darkness creeps back, looking for it’s next attack.

It knows how to lurk in the shadows, and lies in wait.

For an unsuspecting victim to take.

A great purge begins that cannot cease.

With a heart’s desire to increase.

It’s protection around the soul, fighting the pain that makes one dull.

It’s an endless cycle, once they begin their eternal slumber.

Of pain, joy, and wonder.

And then to think back, at calling your name.

No response. It’s still the same.


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