Topic Change

I fully intended to write about how I could not find a fork this morning. I really did. That was, until, I entered school and saw a former student.

I cannot fully place into words the pure joy that spread throughout my soul when he realized who I was walking toward him. We both had cheesy smiles, as if it had been a long awaited reunion.

This kiddo had been through much, and through his time in my class, I became someone he could trust to help him. He was always considerate of the emotional struggles I tried to keep at bay, too (with me being pregnant and my father soon passing at that time from cancer).

I have pictures, letters, and cards from this student. It was what he had to give, to let me know he appreciated the time spent with me that year.

As we said our goodbyes this morning, which he initiated with, “I better be going (to school),” his mother briefly mentioned how much happiness my postcards mean to him. (I didn’t know!) Turning to walk down the hall, I repeated to myself I’m not going to cry. That quickly failed when I plopped my backpack down. Tears came pouring out with mascara already smeared down my face.

I don’t care though. Seeing him was worth it.

3 thoughts on “Topic Change

  1. What a special encounter! That’s why we teach, isn’t it? I love how you begin the piece with the tease of the story that didn’t get written. The juxtaposition between the trivial moment (I’m assuming not finding a fork was trivial) and the truly meaningful is so profound, and also interesting to read.

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