NEVER A Long Story Short

I often find myself starting a conversation with a specific focus, then somehow spiral my portion into a long, drawn out, suddenly off topic, rant. I can only justify my actions by saying I’m plainly long-winded.

I did this yesterday, when a colleague asked me about a social studies curriculum in another district. I spiraled into an entire conversation about reading some random text from a quote down the hall. When someone asked me about my kids, I ended up talking about organizing my classroom. When asked about a classroom technology tool, you heard the whole process of how it came to be in my possession.

My input isn’t always about me, mind you. Those are just the examples I could readily come up with at present, and while my mentions may even seem logical in some sense, I’m giving myself more credit than I deserve.

I am not quite sure why I communicate with such detail. It’s almost as if you have to know the entire origin of that event, person, object, or whatever, in order to understand the meaning on a deeper level. Not true, of course, I just can’t justify why I do this! And do you really need to know the “deeper level” version?

What I can say is that everyone who listens to me is very pleasant and kind about when they need to exit! Ha-ha!

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