Blow Out

Day started with a most epic diaper blow out. (Not going into detail on this one.)

After a bath, starting the laundry, the cleaning of ground zero and its 5 mile radius, bathing the cat (yes, she was a casualty in all of this), and serving breakfast, I’m finally able to sit down with a cup of coffee.

Let’s hope that was the most excitement experienced today.

11 thoughts on “Blow Out

  1. Yikes! We’re still in the blowout phases over here too! But we’ve luckily never gotten the cat involved… that must have made it REALLY fun. Lol 😂
    I’m glad you were able to finally enjoy that much deserved, much needed coffee

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    1. Fun part = trying to contain an on-the-move toddler and a cat trying to evade capture. I omitted the part with how I had to pin them each under an arm and carry both to the bathroom. This meant I ALSO became collateral damage. Yuck x infinity!


  2. I have a four-month-old granddaughter and my son tells me stories of the all-too-familiar blowout (he says she saves it up for a day or so). Seems it can’t have been so long ago that it was him…how time goes!! All that said: Good heavens – the cat was a casualty?? :O


  3. As a nanny and daycare teacher, I’ve seen quite a few of those! One of them was at the top of the slide (and of course the child needed to get down so IT followed..) Hopefully your day was calm and the kitty wasn’t too pissed about getting washed

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