Bad Dream Sarcasm

Monday morning greeted me with a quite horrific nightmare.

In my slumber state, I had graded and passed back a test relating to math, in particular area and perimeter. One student received an F. (We don’t do letter grading in my district. Not sure where THAT came from. AND, no one received anywhere close to that type of score.)

“F” student took the test home. I then warped to a 7am (what?!) meeting with that student’s mother. Mother was not happy, and as a result, I was yelled at, verbally degraded, and berated at maximum volumes the whole world probably heard.

I recall trying to explain – “This concept is challenging. Student started strong and then you can see the work attempting to solve, but not quite fully grasping the concept.”

She was not having it.

Then I woke up, realized it was a dream, caught my breathe, and started getting ready for school.

Grades are due tonight, so maybe this had something to do with it? Not sure why there was the need for a traumatic and overly dramatic dream though. I seriously could have done with that one, especially since I was in tip top shape on grades last week.

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