Dark Cloud Be Gone!

Every evening I cozy up with my 9 year old and read a few chapters from a novel. Tonight we dug deeper into Katherine Applegate’s Endling.

Rewind to earlier in the day. It was one of those where you just needed sleep so you could cope. It was one of those were the thoughts kept cycling, but solutions were still elusive. It was one of those where you begged to call a timeout and the world around you would freeze, if only for a moment. (I often wish for the powers of Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell.) Of course, time and the real world are still occurring, so you must push forward, even in these moments.

Now back to our nightly reading.

I am blessed to share a love for reading with my son. We often bond over the rehashing of stories, analyzing the characters, or predicting what should or could happen next. I’ve missed very few nights of reading stories with him in his lifetime. Tonight’s story helped me float away to this fantasy land, with mystical characters enduring their own struggles. It was then, during tonight’s reading, that I realized that Byx (the main character) is not alone, despite the feeling of being alone.

You see, sometimes in life we experience moments in which we do feel isolated, lost, or desperate. Byx helped me remember that despite these feelings, I am supported. I am loved. I am not alone. And just as that realization poked through the day’s dark cloud, my son gave me the best hug and said, “I love you Mommy.”

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