Packing Lunch

Every night I prep for the next day. One step in this process is lunch packing.

I started the school year with very precise things I would eat at various times throughout the day (I tend to be more of a snacker).

Now I’ve had to upgrade my lunch bag because I legit throw half the pantry and refrigerator in there, not really knowing what I’m going to feast upon.

Things Packed

Apple, banana, peanut butter, prunes, Ramen, tuna and crackers, sandwich (sometimes Turkey and meat. Other times PBJ.), tomato, avocado, pretzels, salad with dressing, and a fruit snack pack.

Things Actually Eaten (Today)

Sandwich, salad, and fruit snack pack.

I guess this makes getting ready for tomorrow easier! Ha-ha!

One thought on “Packing Lunch

  1. I need that kind of lunch in my life! I love a good slice about food. Now I’m hungry again as I love all you mentioned above. I’m curious…how big is this new lunch bag? You had me at lunch so I thoroughly enjoyed your post.

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