Breakfast for Dinner

Tonight we had French toast, sausages, and mixed fruit. Yum!

I love having breakfast for dinner!

What’s your favorite dinner meal?

5 thoughts on “Breakfast for Dinner

  1. MMMM, I LOVE breakfast for dinner! My mom, dad, and myself would have that many times and man did we go all out. Hash browns, eggs, pancakes, MMM! Your post made me hungry tonight for the days of old. Plus just hungry in general. Breakfast for dinner is an awesome thing!


  2. glenda funk

    I love having breakfast for dinner, especially because my husband cooks on those nights. I love chicken waffles, but I don’t have a favorite dinner. I like soup best in winter, however.


  3. rmbtowner

    We love breakfast for dinner in our house. Our favorite is pancakes and sausage. My kids who are now adults used to think it was strange that I would put the plates in the oven on 200 so that they were warm and the pancakes wouldn’t get cold before you were done eating them.
    We also like a good meatloaf in our house. I’ve gone thru a couple dozen different recipes to find 2 that we like.


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